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Over 75% Off Laundry Deal at Target

Laundry Essentials at Target

DO NOT buy your laundry products…at least, not until you read this! Because this week we’re using coupons and rebates to grab over $58 in laundry essentials for $11.95! And all you’ll need to score this deal is your phone–that’s it! So if you’re ready to score, let me show you what I got:

Here’s The (Laundry) Deal

This week at Target, when you spend $50 on household items, you’re going to receive a $15 gift card. BUT, what Target doesn’t often tell consumers, is you can also use manufacturer coupons found inside the Target circle app to lower that out of pocket cost and STILL receive that $15 gift card! (This is because Target counts manufacturer coupons as a form of cash payment, so even if you’re spending less than $50 at the register, Target will count your pre-coupon total towards the $50 threshold.)

So, with this in mind, we’re going to try to stack high value coupons with this promotion to get laundry items for as cheap as possible! The first deal I’m going to show you is on Tide/Downy products–but if you can’t use that brand, scroll to the end to see an alternative breakdown with Gain items instead!

First, grab one Tide liquid priced at $12.99

Clip the $3 off coupon in the Target circle app

Tide Liquid Detergent

Next, grab one 26.5oz Downy scent beads for $15.99

Clip the $4 off coupon in the Target circle app

Downy Calm Scent Beads 26.5oz

Grab one 13.4oz Downy scent beads for $9.99

Clip the $2 off coupon in the Target circle app

Downy Calm Scent Beads 13.4oz

Grab one Downy fabric softener for $9.99

Clip the $2 off coupon in the Target circle app

Downy Fabric Softener

Last, grab one Bounce dryer sheets for $9.99

Clip the $2 off coupon in the Target circle app

Bounce Dryer Sheets

What Your Cart Will Look Like

Coupon Items in Shopping Cart
Your Cart Should Look Like This!

Your cart will look similar to this–but before you check out clip the spend $50 get a $15 coupon in the Target circle app. You will not receive a gift card at the register unless you have this coupon clipped before you checkout, so don’t forget this step! 

On to the Register

You’ll head to the register and pay $45.95 plus tax out of pocket (yes, you can absolutely use gift cards to pay) and then receive your $15 gift card at the register.

Keep your Receipt!

Once you have your receipt, you’re going to submit to the Ibotta app for these two rebates–$5 back for buying the 26.5oz Downy scent beads and $4 back for buying the 13.4oz Downy scent beads. Giving us a total of $9 back from Ibotta.

Then, you’re going to submit your receipt to for this rebate–$10 back in a Visa gift card for spending $30 on Tide/Downy/Bounce items. To qualify for this rebate, you have to spend $30 AFTER all coupons and discounts, including that $15 gift card. Since we spent $45.95 out of pocket, we’re at $30.95 after the gift card back–so we qualify for the P&G rebate!

Target Laundry Deal
Over $58 worth of Laundry Products for only $11.95!

Which means, after coupons, rebates, and gift cards, our net cost for almost $59 in laundry products is just $11.95! That’s a stock up price if I ever saw one!

Alternative Deal with Gain Laundry Items

And as promised, here’s the alternate deal with Gain items. Follow all the same steps as above, except with the new coupons listed, and you’ll end up getting over $55 in Gain laundry items for $11.15! 

Gain Alternative Laundry Deal
Your Gain Alternative, as promised!

That’s It!

If you don’t need laundry products–check out the other amazing deals going on now. Hurry on over to Target and score–who knows how long these Ibotta rebates will last once everyone hears about this deal! 🤪

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