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82% Off Personal Care Items at Target

Save Big on Personal Care at Target

I don’t know what’s harder to believe…that we got all of these personal care items for just $7.24 using coupons, or that all of these items are over $40 before coupons. 😳

It’s moments like these that I’m so glad I coupon! Personal care essentials continue to inflate in price, even though store sales and coupons are becoming more and more scarce. So when we get a chance to snag some beauty goodies for a fraction of the cost, JUMP on the deals! 

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This week at Target, we have a new circle offer: when you spend $40 on personal care items you’re going to receive a $10 gift card.

But as usual, what’s so great about deals like this at Target is that we are able to use manufacturer coupons found inside the Target circle app to lower our out of pocket cost, while still receiving the gift card back!

This is because manufacturer coupons in the Target app count as a form of cash payment–meaning, the register still calculates those coupons as part of the $40 spend, as if you’d paid with cash rather than a coupon.

Razors, Lotion, and Shave Butter, oh my!

Target Personal Care Items Breakdown

Target Gift Card

Your items qualify for a $10 gift card! If you are checking out with a cashier, the cashier will present you with the $10 Target gift card. However, if you are in self checkout, be sure to grab a nearby gift card and scan it when prompted. This will activate the balance on to the card. I usually save my gift cards to roll into the next transaction; ideally, when I receive a $10 gift card, I will also be paying with a $10 gift card.

Redeem with Ibotta

Remember to keep your receipt! Submit to Ibotta for the $6 rebate for the PureZero Conditioning Spray. If you are new to Ibotta, be sure to download it before completing the deal. Stay tuned – I have a “How to use Ibotta” guide coming soon!

That’s it!

You’re done!

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