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Get 3 months of SIRIUS XM For FREE (No Credit Card)

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What is Sirius XM?

First of all, SiriusXM is a satellite radio service that offers a wide range of audio content. This includes music, news, talk shows, sports, entertainment, and more. It operates through a network of satellites, allowing listeners to access a diverse selection of radio stations and programming from anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Sirius XM Radio

What Makes Sirius Different than Streaming or the Radio?

Specifically, one of the standout features of SiriusXM is its commercial-free music channels, which cover various genres and artists. This means you can enjoy what you want, without interruptions from advertisements. Additionally, SiriusXM offers exclusive content, such as interviews with celebrities, live performances, and specialized shows that might not be available on traditional radio.

How Do I Listen?

Lastly, to access SiriusXM, you typically need to subscribe to one of their plans. These vary in terms of the number of channels and features available. Some newer vehicles come equipped with built-in SiriusXM receivers, while you can also listen through compatible devices like radios, smartphones, and smart speakers. SiriusXM provides a wide array of audio entertainment options that go beyond what traditional radio offers. This makes it a popular choice for music and content enthusiasts.

Soo… What is the Deal?

Sirius XM is giving those who recently bought a new or used vehicle or haven’t recently had SXM service a chance to get 3 free months of service, for free (no credit card required!). If you’re not eligible, there is another deal going on to also get 3 months for free (Click where it says No radio? Get the SXM App). After the 3 month trial ends, you will be charge $10.99 per month, so just cancel before then if you don’t want to pay!

Make sure to regularly visit the Freebies Page, as new offers will be posted frequently.

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