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Best Dollar General Deals This Saturday 9/2

New Deal Alert! 🚨

Dollar General surprised everyone this week by releasing a new high value coupon to everyone. This coupon offers a $10 discount on purchases totaling $40 or more. It is unclear if this is going to be a one time deal, or if this is going to be released each week in addition to the $5 off $25, so be sure to score!

This coupon presents a better opportunity for us to save a higher percentage (25%) compared to the standard $5 discount on purchases of $25 or more (20%). One thing to note, be sure to only clip the coupon you plan to use. Dollar General will use the lower value coupon if both coupons are clipped. For example, if you clip both coupons, the $5 off $25 will be applied first, requiring us to use the $5 coupon before redeeming the $10 coupon. If you plan to use the $10 off $40 coupon do NOT clip the $5 off $25 coupon.

Dollar General 9/2

$10 Off $40 (or $5 Off $25)

The $10 off $40 coupon will be super important to getting the most out of your savings. This is because of something called “coupon stacking.” Essentially, we’ll be using the $10 off $40 coupon on top of other manufacturer coupons inside the Dollar General app in order to get a $40 cart for (usually) $10-$15!

Not so long ago, certain “new system” Dollar Generals began limiting this coupon stacking with the digital version of the $10 off $40–meaning, the digital $10 off $40 Dollar General store coupon would no longer come off at the register, instead just deducting the manufacturer coupons only. This isn’t happening at every store, thankfully, and I’m even more thankful that there seems to be a work-around for those stores who have stopped honoring the digital $10 off $40 stacking. In order to do this, you’ll need a paper version of the $10 off $40 coupon (often found at the bottom of your receipt).

When you get to a register (self checkout or traditional register, either works!) you’re going to scan the $10 off $40 paper coupon FIRST. Even before you scan any other item. Once you’ve scanned that, you’ll go ahead and scan your items, then enter your phone number, then hit “pay.” This should, once again, stack those coupons and get you your deal!

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