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60% Off Food & Groceries at Walmart

Everyone is always asking for food deals. Well, here it is, a Walmart food deal, and its a good one. We’re going to be stacking Walmart’s already low prices, Rollbacks, and rebates to get some pretty big savings. And we’re going to be getting A LOT back in rebates for this deal. If you haven’t already downloaded the cash back apps, do so now.

Walmart Food Deal – 60% Off!

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By combining several apps together (Shopkick, Ibotta, and Swagbucks), we’re going to get $71.75 worth of meat, dairy, sport drinks, etc. for only $27.92, over 60% in savings!

This is definitely a Run Deal because we do not know when the cash back apps will pull down the rebates.

App Withdraw Minimums

In order to get your money back, some apps require a minimum withdrawal amount. That means you will need to accumulate enough rebates to reach that minimum limit before you can withdraw the cash. Here are the minimums for each rebate app:

  • Shopkick – $5
  • Ibotta – $20
  • Swagbucks – $5

For this Walmart food deal we will be receiving back at least the minimum amount for each cash back app. That means you will be able to get your cash back as soon as the app confirms the purchase, usually within 24 hours.

Tyson Steakhouse Pork Loin

pork loin

First, pick out one Tyson Steakhouse pork loin. Shopkick is giving you 925 kicks back, equivalent to $3.70. I picked one up for $4.23, making the final cost only 50 cents! Pro tip: find the cheapest one to save the most money. Yes, you will be getting a smaller item, but it keeps your out of pocket as small as possible.

Tasty Bite Protein Bowls

Protein Bowls

You can pick these up in three different styles. you can choose from Mexican, Indian, and Mediterranean. However, you will need to get one of each. Shopkick is giving us back 510 kicks, equivalent to $2.04, for every protein bowl flavor. And that’s not all; Ibotta is also offering a $1 rebate for each one. By combining these offers and grabbing one of each flavor, you’ll find yourself paying a mere 44 cents each.

Crock Pot Seasoning Mix

crock pot packets

The next thing we’re going to grab is the crock pot season mix. We’re going to get three of these. They offer two different flavors (savory pot roast and hearty beef stew). Choose either flavor, or feel free to mix and match. Swagbucks is giving us 350 swagbucks, equivalent to $3.50, when you buy three of them. Making the total after rebates only 95 cents each!


Jimmy Protein Bars

Jimmy Protein Bars

We’re going to grab one of these boxes of Jimmy protein bars. These are on Rollback, already 75 cents off the original price. Ibotta is also offering a rebate for $3 back. There is a limit of one for this, so we’re only grabbing one. After the rebate, the box of protein bars comes to only $1.48!

Ocean Spray Cran Snack Medley Packs

Cranberry Medley

Next up, we’re going to get 2 of these new cran snack medley packs from Ocean Spray. When we buy two of them, Ibotta is giving us back $3.98; essentially making these buy 1 get one free, or just $1.99 each.

Ocean Spray Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Bites

Chocolate Covered cranberries

Another BOGO deal from Ocean Spray. When you buy two of these, you will get back $2.78 from Ibotta. Making them only $1.39 each!

Blue Diamond Thin Dipped Almonds

Chocolate Covered almonds

We’re also going to pick up these Blue Diamond Thin Dipped almonds. When you scan these on Ibotta, you will see there is a $1.75 rebate for each one you buy, with a limit of five. That means you can buy up to five of them with a $1.75 back for each of the five. That makes each bag just $1.44 each. I picked up 1 of them.

Ice Mountain Water (3L)

Bottle Water

Next up, we’re going to get three jugs of the Ice Mountain 3L water. Swagbucks is going to give us back $5 when we buy 3 of these. This makes each giant jug of water only 7 CENTS!

Kemp’s Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

The Kemp’s Cottage Cheese packs are also on Rollback, already $1 off per package! When you scan these on Ibotta, you will see that they have a rebate for $2 back on each one, with a limit of three. Therefore, we will pick up three packs. After the rebate, each one costs us only 98 cents each!

Gatorade (12 Pack)


And finally, we’re picking up two 12 packs of Gatorade. Ibotta is giving $5 back when you spend $15 on Gatorade. We’re going to get those two packs (at $7.54 each) and get back $5. After the rebate, both packs will cost $10.08, or just $5.04 each.

So what are you waiting for? Run to Walmart and grab these deals before it’s too late. If you want to see more money saving content, be sure to follow me on TikTok. Also, for more Walmart food deals in the future, be sure to subscribe. I post new deals daily, so go check out the other amazing deal going on now!

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