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6 Ibotta Deals to Get the FREE Turkey Dinner!

Ibotta is hosting it’s 4th annual Thanksgiving event! Right now, you can receive a full refund (100% cash back) on items like turkey, gravy, corn muffin mix, and more. However, you need to hurry because this offer is available only while supplies last. Here are the 6 best Ibotta deals going on now.

Turkey dinners, especially around the holidays like Thanksgiving, can be expensive when you factor in the cost of the turkey, side dishes, and desserts. Getting one for free can provide significant savings at one of the most stressful times of the year, especially for those on a tight budget.

If you don’t need the free dinner, give it to someone who may need it! It’s truly heartwarming to consider the spirit of giving during the holiday seasons. Sharing what we have with those in need not only helps others but fills our own lives with a sense of community and compassion. It’s a wonderful reminder that even a small gesture can make a big difference in someone’s life!

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What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is an app where you can get money back after buying things at the store. You choose deals in the app, shop for those things, take a picture of your receipt, and then you get cash back in the app. Once you’ve collected enough cash, you can get it in real money or gift cards. It’s a way to save money while shopping!

New to Ibotta?

Ibotta Free Dinner

Is This Offer for New Users Only?

Of course! This offer is open to everyone. New users can jump right in and submit their receipt to receive a free turkey with all the side dishes. For existing Ibotta users, there’s a slightly different process. You’ll need to complete a set of offers to unlock your free holiday feast. You can start by choosing either the free turkey or the free sides bonus. After you’ve completed one bonus, you’ll unlock the other. Once you’ve done both, you’ll have your very own FREE Thanksgiving Dinner.

I’m an Existing User, How Many Offers Do I Need to Complete to get the Free Dinner?

Each Ibotta account may have a different number of offers required to earn a bonus. The offers and bonuses you see are tailored to your account, so they might not be the same for everyone. To find out how many offers you need, check your Ibotta account. To help you get started, I’ve selected 7 offers that are free and will help you make progress towards your bonus.

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Ibotta Free Turkey Dinner

7 Best Ibotta Deals That Are BOGO or Free After the Ibotta Offer

Dave’s Killer Bread Organic Snack Bars Available at Walmart (Free After Offer)

Dave's Killer Bread Snack Bar

Good Culture Probiotic Milk Available at Target and Whole Foods (Free After Offer)

Good Culture Probiotic

Blake’s Crispy Treats at Walmart (BOGO After Offer)

Splenda PEEL & Pour Pods Available at Walmart (Free After Offer)

Splenda Peel and Pour

Rowdy Mermaid Good Mood Soda Available at Hyvee (Free After Offer)

Rowdy Mermaid Good Mood Soda

Blake’s Chewy Granola Bars at Walmart (BOGO After Offer)

Chewy Bars


Ibotta is giving away FREE Thanksgiving dinners to both new and existing users! Go complete your offers today and score yourself your own holiday feast!

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