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After Christmas Sales: Shop the Hottest Deals Happening Right Now

Christmas has wrapped up – all the gifts unwrapped, a scrumptious dinner that was definitely a labor of love, and now we’re in that calm stretch between Christmas and New Year’s Day. But hold on, this is actually when the excitement of after-Christmas sales starts!

Christmas Clearance sales are always a bit of a gamble – they vary by location. You might find some stores overflowing with bargains, while others have been picked clean. The best strategy? Head out, explore, scan everything, and discover some hidden gems. Who knows what you might find!

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Clearance Haul

I hit up the big box stores that I knew were running good post holiday sales. However, if you know a local spots that are going to have really nice clearance sales, definitely go there too! Let me show you what I got.. on Christmas clearance! 🙂


Walmart really came through with some decent finds on sale. I spotted loads of candy at 50% off – perfect because the Christmas theme is only on the outer packaging, not the candy itself. This makes it ideal for upcoming birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and especially for filling those Easter baskets!

Walmart Clearance

Top Clearance Finds:

  • Body care gift sets (these sell out so quickly!)
  • Squishmallows on sale for over 50% off! ($10 down from $20.97)
  • Kinder Bueno on sale for $1 – Check your Ibotta App for a $0.50 cash back offer
  • Disney Xmas Gift bags


I visited a couple of Targets, and it was a bit hit or miss at each. Nevertheless, I managed to score some good deals at both places. Remember, always scan anything that even remotely hints at being holiday-themed. Surprisingly, a lot of items you wouldn’t expect were marked down by 50%!

Top Clearance Finds:

  • One of the top finds of the day was the Stanley Transit Bottles, on sale for $15, down from their original price of $30. These would make fantastic gifts, particularly as a thank-you present for teachers
  • Huge boxes of themed socks (50% off)
  • The Christmas-themed food was only reduced by 30% so far, but I’m expecting those prices to drop even more in the near future.
  • There were SO many aisles of goodies at 50% off
  • Just a heads-up, not sure if it’s the same at all Targets, but at my local store, all the Disney100 toys and plushies were scanning at 50% off! These would also be great for Easter baskets!
  • Disney Retro Reimagined Dolls (50% off)
  • Gingerbread house kits (30% off)
  • Tree skirts (50% off)
  • Paper plates (50% off)
  • Tissues (50% off)
  • To-go cups (50% off)
  • Wrapping paper (50% off)

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works’ Semi-Annual Sale is offering up to 75% off on selected scents. Plus, there are fantastic deals on 3-wick candles, PocketBac hand sanitizers, single-wick candles, and much more. Keep in mind, the discount – whether it’s 50% or 75% – varies depending on the scent of the item

Top Clearance Finds:

  • All the Christmas-scented items were marked down significantly, up to 75% off
  • So many other items in the store were 50% off

Sam’s Club

At my local Sam’s Club, I found a couple of long aisles that were entirely filled with post-holiday clearance sales. If you’re not already a member, there’s a fantastic deal on a Sam’s Club membership right now for just $25.

Top Clearance Finds:

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