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Best CVS Coupon Deals of the Week 1/7 – 1/13

With winter in full swing and a storm sweeping through a significant portion of the country, now’s the ideal time to stock up on essentials. The last thing you want is to run out of household necessities and be stuck at home for days. I’ve gathered some great options to help you replenish your supplies.

This week, we’re focusing on restocking items like paper products, feminine products, lotion (the good stuff!), shampoo and conditioner, and razors. Take a look at the breakdowns below for the best CVS coupon deals of the Week 1/7 – 1/13.

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CVS CarePass and Why You Need it!

To maximize your savings at CVS, or any store for that matter, it’s crucial to enroll in their rewards program. CVS offers the CVS CarePass program, which is a fantastic choice. For just $5 per month (or even less if you opt for the yearly plan at $48), you’ll receive a $10 CVS ExtraBucks Reward every month.

Essentially, it’s like getting store credit back, making it like you’re getting an extra $5 to spend on couponing.

New to couponing at CVS? Here are some tips!

  • You have the complete flexibility to tackle each CVS coupon deal individually or combine them as you wish, and you’ll still earn your rewards either way!
  • If possible, aim to “roll” your ExtraBucks rewards, essentially it’s where you use the ExtraBucks you’ve previously earned to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses while continuing to earn more ExtraBucks with your current purchase. It’s a smart way to maximize your savings and rewards at CVS.

For example: let’s say you buy a bottle of Downy for $6. When you buy that bottle you’re going to receive a $2 extrabuck (I want that deal! 🤣). So, you use a $2 extrabuck you already have on that bottle of Downy at the register–you pay $4 out of pocket and still receive your $2 extrabuck back. This is called “rolling rewards” in couponing. We do this to be sure we’re always spending the least amount out of pocket as possible! 

  • Use CVS CRT (CVS Store coupons) if you have them! A CRT at CVS stands for “Cash Register Tape.” It’s almost like a special coupon that comes out of the cash register when you make a purchase. These CRTs are specific to your shopping habits, and they give you discounts or deals on certain items the next time you shop at CVS.
  • When you’re in the store, scan items with your phone to check for additional coupons like CRTs that can help you get better deals on your purchases. You can use CRT coupons along with manufacturer coupons, so feel free to use both because they will work together.

Besties, let’s get to the Deals!

CVS Coupon Deals of the Week 1/7 -1/13

CVS Deal Paper Products
CVS Deal Razors
CVS Deal Lotions
CVS Deal Femine Products
CVS Haul Shampoo and Conditioner
CVS Haul Shampoo and Conditioner
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