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Dollar General Deals & Coupons Saturday 3/9 ONLY

On my TikTok each week, I highlight the deal that gives you the most bang for your buck and feels right for what you need. But I get it, not every deal fits everyone’s needs.
So, I’ve put together a bunch of different deals for you to choose from. Just pick the one that fits what you’re looking for and start saving! Here are the best coupon deals at Dollar General for 3/9.

$5 Off $25 DG Coupon

To unlock serious savings at Dollar General, don’t skip this essential step – grabbing the $5 off $25 coupon. It’s going to take an additional $5 off of everything! The smart move here is to stack this $5 coupon with any other manufacturer and store coupons you can find.

Quick update to keep in mind: some stores are updating their checkout processes, which impacts the way we use coupons, especially the digital $5 off $25 ones. At these stores, the $5 off coupon only works when the total after coupons is over $25, so the $5 discount may not work as it has in the past. However, there is a workaround!

In order to do this, you’ll need a paper version of the $5 off $25 coupon (often found at the bottom of your receipt). Scan this first, before you scan any of your items. Then scan your items and type in your phone number. That should allow the $5 off coupon to work the way it used to.

On to the Deals!

Here are the Breakdowns with Dollar General Coupons for 3/9

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