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Target Diaper Deal: Get Over 50% Off!

Using Target’s Order Pickup is amazing. It is especially amazing when you have little ones and are in need of a diaper deal. With the Target Circle app, we’re able to grab awesome deals on diapers and then just drive up to the store. They bring our order right to the car. That way we don’t even have to get out or take the kids inside!

This Target diaper deal is definitely ideal when you’re on your way home or just don’t want to get out of your pajamas.

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Target Circle App

For this deal, you’ll definitely want to have the Target Circle App on your phone—it’s how we’re going to use coupons and get back a gift card. Don’t worry, downloading the app is completely free! Just be sure to activate it and clip the specific coupons for the items you’re purchasing. Don’t forget to clip the coupon for the $15 gift card too, otherwise, you won’t receive it!

Roll Your Gift Cards

A smart way to keep your out of pocket expense as low as possible is by using the technique known as “rolling” gift cards. The strategy here is simple: use a gift card from one transaction to purchase another deal that also offers a gift card. This way, you spend less cash and continuously use your gift card balance, essentially “rolling” the value forward from one purchase to the next!

Here is the Breakdown


And there you go—a really easy way to save over 50% on diapers at Target! Just clip the coupons on your phone and submit them through the website. Make sure to share this tip with anyone who has little ones in diapers. Act fast, though—this deal ends Saturday!

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