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Clip, Save, Slay: Debunking Coupon Myths

The myths around couponing really throw people off, making it seem like you’ve got to have a ton of time on your hands or a degree in bargain hunting to actually save money. It’s pretty frustrating because it paints this picture that couponing is more of a full-time job than a smart way of shopping.

And let’s not even get started on the whole idea that using coupons means you’re scraping by – as if being financially smart is something to whisper about (see Loud Budgeting). Honestly, it’s probably these outdated views that stop so many from giving couponing a try, which is a shame because who doesn’t love saving money with such little effort?

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With all the digital options and quick hacks out there, it’s about time we squash these myths. It’s not about cutting corners; it’s about maximizing what you’ve got and making smart choices that really pay off.

Here Are 7 Common Couponing Myths:

1. Couponing Is Only for Extreme Savers:

Many people believe that couponing is only worthwhile if you do it to the extreme, as depicted on reality TV shows. However, even casual coupon users can save a significant amount of money with minimal effort. All you have to do is put in a little effort and you can save money.

2. Coupons Only Exist for Junk Food or Processed Items:

While it’s true that many coupons are for processed foods, there are also coupons available for fresh produce, dairy products, meat, and organic items. It takes a bit more effort to find these, but they do exist. Another great place to find these savings is in the cash back apps. Frequently there are options for yogurts, fruit, plant based items, etc.

3. Using Coupons Is Too Time Consuming:

Couponing can be time consuming, especially for those who take it to an extreme level. However, all you need is your phone. Spending a small amount of time when you’re in the store can lead to quick, easy savings. The next time you’re in Target, get out the Target Circle App and scan all your items. If there is a coupon for one of them, clip it, then scan your app barcode at checkout. Instant savings!

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How to Use the Target Circle App

4. Coupons Don’t Really Save You Money:

Some believe that coupons encourage you to buy items you don’t need, negating any real savings. While this can be true if you’re not mindful, strategic coupon use—buying items you need or will use—can significantly reduce your spending.

5. Digital Coupons Aren’t Worth the Effort:

With the rise of digital couponing, some may think these offers provide minimal savings compared to traditional paper coupons. However, digital coupons can be just as valuable and much easier to use, offering instant savings without the need to clip and organize.

6. You Can’t Use Coupons on Sale Items:

A common misconception is that coupons can only be applied to full-priced items. In reality, one of the best ways to save money is by stacking coupons on top of sale prices, leading to deep discounts and sometimes even free products.

7. Store Brands Are Always Cheaper Than Name Brands With Coupons:

While store brands are often less expensive than name brands, combining coupons with sales can make name brands cheaper than their store-brand counterparts. But here, we know to compare the final prices after all discounts to get the best deal.

There You Have It!

Debunking these myths reveals that couponing can be an easy, yet super valuable tool for saving money on groceries and other purchases, regardless of how much time or effort you’re willing to invest!

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