Couponing Tips

Whether you’re here to learn the basics of couponing, are just getting started couponing, or are trying to learn the “lingo” (like what the heck is a CRT??), you’re in the right place!

What if I don’t want to change the way I shop, can couponing still help me?

Absolutely! One of the best parts about couponing in the 21st century is that everything has become digital–meaning, all your coupons are accessible on your phone! So if you don’t want to change where or how you shop, you can still save by simply looking at the apps or rebate apps for the store that you enjoy shopping at most! For example: let’s say you shop at Target–now normally, you’d just take your items up to the register and pay, simple as that. However, maybe the next time you shop, you take 5 minutes, open the Target Circle App and use the barcode scanner to scan the items in your cart and clip the corresponding coupons that are available.

Just by taking 5 extra minutes, and doing NOTHING else extra outside of what you would normally do to shop, you’ll end up saving money. Most of the time, it’s around $5-$10, but depending on what you get, it can be significantly more! You don’t have to reinvent your shopping–I feel like I sound like the Geico gecko, but 5 minutes can save you $5 or more on your grocery bill 😉 Just give it a try! 

Do you have to download all the apps and do every deal in order to save?

Same as above–when you’re first starting, start small! My mom used to always say: life by the inch is a cinch, life by the yard is hard. Start small: download one store app and one rebate app–get used to searching, scanning, and redeeming on those and slowly move up. You don’t have to be “extreme” to save extreme dollars!

What’s the easiest store to start with?

Honestly, this question is going to largely depend on where you live, how you like to shop, and what your comfort level is with digital coupons. But, by and large, the advice I give is Dollar General. The deals happen every Saturday, the coupons change each week, it’s all on your phone, and very rarely are you going to need to submit to any rebate apps. If you live in an area that doesn’t have a Dollar General close by, my runner-ups are CVS and Target for similar reasons! 😊

What’s the best way to start?

One store, one deal at a time. I always say start with free toothpaste! Do something easy that doesn’t require too many steps to get your feet wet and learn the basics. Then you can slowly start adding more and more strategies to maximize your savings!

How do you Stack Coupons?

“Stacking” coupons is when you combine a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon in the same transaction. Better yet, if you are able to combine coupons with a sale and a rebate, then you will maximize your savings!

What is a Store Coupon?

These are coupons issued by a specific store, often as part of their loyalty program or promotions. Store coupons can sometimes be found in flyers, email newsletters, or the store’s mobile app. Take the Target Circle app for example.

What is a Manufacturer's Coupon?

These are coupons issued by the manufacturer of a product. They can often be found in newspapers, magazines, online coupon websites, or on the packaging of the product itself. Manufacturer coupons are usually valid at any store that carries the specified product.

What is a Rebate app?

AKA Cash Back Apps. Rebate apps offer a way for consumers to earn a little extra money or rewards for their regular shopping habits. They can be particularly beneficial for those who frequently purchase specific products or brands, as well as for those who enjoy finding deals and maximizing their savings. Check out the Cash Back Apps page!

What is a Walgreens Booster coupon?

A booster coupon from Walgreens is a type of coupon that offers extra bonus rewards points when you make a qualifying purchase. These coupons are typically available to Walgreens Balance Rewards members and can be found in the weekly ad or on the Walgreens app.

For example, a booster coupon might offer 5,000 bonus points when you spend $20 or more on a specific category of items, such as beauty products or household essentials. The bonus points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases at Walgreens.

Booster coupons are a way for Walgreens to encourage customers to make additional purchases and to reward loyalty through the Balance Rewards program. It’s important to note that booster coupons usually have expiration dates and specific terms and conditions, so be sure to read the details carefully before using them!